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Care Home Manager

A Client of Job Shop Recruitment are currently looking to recruit a Registered Manager for a Care home based in North Devon.

You will have the support of the Regional Manager, Clinical Lead and an administrator, whilst also the backing of HR.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Liaise with the Commission for Social Care Inspection, Local authority and Fire Authority to ensure satisfactory standards are maintained at the Home
  • Ensure policy, procedures, practices and work instructions are understood and implemented to ensure the highest standards of care.
  • Ensure maximum resident occupancy levels.
  • Contribute to the development of strategy and objectives for the Home and to ensure successful execution.
  • Take direct and positive action to ensure effective communication and relationship building between all staff, residents and their families.


  • Ensure the maintenance of the highest standards of care consistent with the requirements of the registering authorities.
  • Ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of residents.
  • Liaise effectively and professionally with all health and social care professionals associated with resident care.
  • Lead visits of potential residents and their families and friends around the Home, as required, discussing the philosophy of care and the activities of daily living skills.
  • Undertake care tasks on a regular basis as required by the needs oftheHome.
  • Liaise effectively and professionally with the Commission for Social Care Inspection Inspector and other partner organisations as required, building and maintaining good working relationships.
  • Ensure care planning is carried out effectively and professionally, reflecting current and best practice. Ensure that all staff are capable and motivated to participate appropriately in care planning.
  • Investigate any complaints or adult protection concerns raised by residents or relatives and report them to the Operations Director.
  • Investigate all injuries sustained by residents while in the care of the Home. Report all serious injuries to the Operations Director.
  • Deal with the admission of residents to the Home. Ensure their comfort and allay any anxieties they may have. Ensure all appropriate resident details are taken and those pertinent to the better care of each resident.


  • Provide professional and managerial support to all staff within the Home.
  • Be responsible for ensuring all administrative functions associated with management of the staff are completed correctly.
  • Provide staff supervision in order to:

Ensure a high standard of service is available to residents.

To encourage ideas and suggestions which contribute to improved services.

Discuss and find solutions to common problems

Carry out staff appraisal and development interviews at least oncea year.

  • Recruit and select Home staff
  • Ensure all staff perform at a satisfactory level, utilising the Company’s formal performance management and disciplinary processes as appropriate.
  • Implement training and development plans to raise the skills and competencies of team
  • Ensure that all relevant staff are aware, understand and execute the legal requirements in relation to the administering and custody of drugs.
  • Ensure the duty rota is planned and maintained so that it is appropriate to meet the needs of the residents and makes the best use of available staff within agreed budgetary limits.
  • Ensure all staff complete the Company and Statutory requirements regarding induction training and ensure the delivery of ongoing Statutory and Company refresher training.

Budget and Domestic Management

  • Understand the budget constraints that apply to the Home and ensure that the Home is managed within budget ensuring the most cost effective use of resources.
  • Ensure all ancillary services, cooking, cleaning, gardening, maintenance etc. are of the required standard and deployed appropriately to maintain a safe, comfortable and pleasant Home for Residents.
  • Advise the Operations Director on minor capital works and review the need to update equipment, furniture and fittings in priority order within budget.
  • Ensure that health and safety standards are maintained in accordance with the company Policy.
  • Ensure that all record keeping required by the Commission for Social Care Inspection consistent with legislation is maintained.


  • To liaise regularly with head office ensuring necessary information is communicated promptly and effectively.
  • To carry out all the duties commensurate with the general level of responsibility for the post.

Scope of the Role

Total staff: 31

Current number of residents: 25

Due to the nature of this role and the sector we operate in you will be required to:

  • Change working hours at short notice to cover in the event of sickness or short absence for a staff colleague rather than use agency staff
  • On call, day or night, in an emergency to give advice or assistance
  • Willing to work extra hours from time to time to carry out the duties of the position.

37½ hours per week working week 5 out of 7 days

We believe it is not necessary to formalise flexible working arrangements for senior staff members. However reasonable 'give and take’ on both sides is encouraged.

Vacancy Uploaded: 5th December 2018
  • Temporary
  • Taunton